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Photo impression: Youngtimerworld

November 22, 2022

Classic cars, especially the well-known and iconic models, are generally well cared for. Once they are for sale, another loving owner is often found in no time. Youngtimers have a harder time in this regard. Sporty, luxury or otherwise special models are still saved, but what about everyday cars?

Saved from the scrap heap

They are generally considered too old to still be used as a daily car, while yet again, they are considered too new or too “plain” to keep as a hobby car for the side. Who cares about them and saves them from the scrap heap? We can now answer that question very concretely: Jeroen Cramer.

Collect and protect

Basically, Jeroen is just a youngtimer enthusiast collecting his favorite cars. In addition, he does have the goal of preserving these kinds of everyday, “forgotten” cars. Precisely with a preference for the ordinary family cars, which were so defining of the streetscape in their time. Another preference are old Skodas and other Eastern Bloc cars, since that’s what he grew up with.

Great diversity

Youngtimerworld is located in a greenhouse complex in Voorhout. After a short walk past stored folding trailers and other gear, the first youngtimers loom at the end of the aisle. The preference for Skoda is readily apparent, but the collection is very diverse. On the one hand, once street-image-defining cars such as the Opel Kadett, Renault 19 and Mazda 626. There are also plenty of truly forgotten models. How about a Kia Clarus, Daihatsu Max Cuore, Toyota Tercel or Hyundai Pony. If you’ve spotted these at all “in the wild,” it must have been ages ago. Then there are the Eastern European models, including even a Polish FSO Polonez.

Back in time

The collection is divided into two halls. In the first are neatly lined up the cars that still need to be refurbished before they can be really nicely displayed. In the other hall, the cars are nicely positioned, as if you were walking into an occasion showroom from about twenty years ago. That impression is made complete with seating areas and decoration of old dealer advertisements. A very nice step back in time.


By the way, the license plates of almost all the cars in Youngtimerworld are suspended, otherwise it would become a somewhat expensive collection. However, the registration with the RDW is simply maintained and, in principle, every car should pass the MOT this way. For those cars where this is not the case, a refurbishment is planned.

Make an appointment

The photos below give an impression of what’s on display at Youngtimerworld. We deliberately don’t show everything by a long shot, as we encourage you to take a look at this special, perhaps even unique collection for yourself. Youngtimerworld can be visited by appointment. To do so, simply send an email to Youngtimerworld can also be followed on Facebook and Instagram.