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Peugeot shows futuristic interior of new e-3008

June 6, 2023

10 million copies

For more than 10 years, Peugeot has equipped several models with the so-called i-Cockpit. There are already nearly 10 million cars driving around with the distinctive interior. Now the French brand is taking the i-Cockpit to an even higher level with an all-new version that transforms the driving experience: the new panoramic i-Cockpit. 

Panoramic screen

Peugeot has combined two key elements of the i-Cockpit, the head-up display and the large central touchscreen, into a curved 21-inch panoramic screen. The screen extends from the left side of the dashboard to the center console and appears to float above the dashboard. It is attached with an invisible base, giving it a floating effect. The 21-inch panoramic screen is ergonomically positioned. It is slightly curved toward the driver, but remains easily accessible to the passenger, according to the brand.

Two screens

The instrument panel on the left side of the panoramic screen displays important driving information such as speed, power meter, driver assistance systems and energy flows. Above the steering wheel, it displays all information related to driving.

On the right side of the panoramic screen is a touchscreen with a central position in the dashboard. This touchscreen can be accessed by both the driver and passenger. The touchscreen can be used to control various functions such as navigation, climate control and connective systems.


We also detect a completely new steering wheel in the e-3008. It still has a compact size, but the design is more modern. The redesigned center pad is smaller and optically separate from the spokes for a floating effect similar to the panoramic screen on the dashboard. The controls on the new compact steering wheel now offer haptic feedback. They automatically detect the driver’s finger but respond only when pressed.