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Peugeot is the first European automaker to offer an 8-year warranty – What about it?

January 31, 2024

Peugeot chooses electric

Peugeot has been firmly committed to electrification for years and is now reaping the benefits. The French brand closed 2023 as the undisputed king of the European B-segment for electric vehicles, thanks mainly to the successful E-208 and E-2008. Peugeot also rules the electric LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) segment in Europe. In 2024, we can count on a further electric invasion, with newcomers such as the E-408 and E-5008.

Peugeot E-3008

But first, it’s time for the E-3008. First deliveries of the new SUV will begin from the first quarter of 2024. The model brings with it a number of firsts. It is not only the very first electric Peugeot to achieve a range of 700 kilometers on paper, but also the first model to show off a reassuring warranty period of no less than 8 years or 160,000 kilometers. asked Phil York, Marketing and Communications Director at Peugeot, some questions about the new warranty program.

What are the benefits of Peugeot Allure Care for the customer?

Phil York: “Peugeot Allure Care brings a sense of peace of mind and security to the customer. For eight years, the customer doesn’t have to worry about anything. This comprehensive warranty coverage not only promises short-term peace of mind, but also extends to the long term. Research shows that the residual value of cars increases significantly with an extended warranty program. Go figure: suppose you sell a four-year-old car, it still comes with a four-year warranty. Peugeot thus proves that they not only deliver cars that drive superbly, but also value-resistant vehicles that retain their value over the years. Thanks to these benefits, Peugeot Allure Care is also helping to accelerate the adoption of new electric cars.”

How does Peugeot Allure Care work?

Phil York: “Peugeot Allure Care not only offers comprehensive coverage, but also rewards owners who faithfully maintain their car with an extended warranty, allowing them to enjoy their E-3008 carefree for a long time. All the customer needs to do to enjoy this long-lasting warranty is to have timely maintenance services performed at Peugeot. With each periodic service – every two years or 25,000 kilometers – performed by an authorized Peugeot service partner, the warranty is extended by two years each time, up to eight years or 160,000 kilometers.”