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Paul Walker’s iconic ‘Godzilla’ from Fast & Furious 4 goes under the hammer

March 29, 2023

Fast & Furious

On April 7, the new Fast & Furious movie will premiere. It is already the tenth film in the F&F series. Fans with deep pockets can take a shot at one of the franchise’s most famous cars three weeks later: the 2000 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R from Fast & Furious 4. The GT-R in question is the one used to shoot all the close-up scenes with none other than Paul Walker. Auction house Bonhams describes the car as “one of the most famous modern-day movie cars.”


The second-generation 2000 GT-R, delivered to Universal Film Studios in 2008 and also known as “Godzilla,” was purchased without an engine by tuner Kaizo Industries from Japan. She arranged for an RB26 engine and completely customized the car to the personal wishes of Paul Walker himself.


The conversion included the installation of a custom roll cage, a custom dash-mounted infotainment system and custom OMP racing bucket seats – still in Paul Walker’s seating position. Under the hood, a Turbonetics intercooler has been added to the 2.6-liter twin-blown six-in-line. Bonhams does not put a price tag on the car, but expects it to fetch at least a million.