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Parkmobile becomes EasyPark, what are the consequences for me?

November 14, 2022

EasyPark Group acquisition

The demise of Parkmobile is a result of the acquisition of PARK NOW by the EasyPark Group in 2021. The Parkmobile app will be transformed step by step to the EasyPark app in the coming period. The visual identity with EasyPark’s pink and purple colors is also being implemented. The Parkmobile brand will eventually disappear and become EasyPark.


The top executive speaking

Marius Koerselman, Country Director EasyPark Netherlands said, “This integration allows us to combine EasyPark’s technology and Parkmobile’s experience and offer broad coverage in the Netherlands and in 27 countries worldwide. EasyPark’s big advantage is the cross border functionality, which will be added to the users of the Dutch app in 2023. Our goal is one app for all parking transactions, worldwide.”


For current Parkmobile users, only the visual environment is now changing. The Dutch office will continue to provide customer contact for Dutch clients. The EasyPark app allows customers to pay for on-street and garage parking, charge electric vehicles and find parking spaces, in more than 20 countries.

Cost Parkmobile

What will change in cost is not known at this time. To use Parkmobile, you currently pay €0.39 per parking transaction or €2.50 per month. Parking rates are set by the provider of the parking space, such as the municipality. You can add multiple license plates to an account, but adding an additional one will cost you $1.

EasyPark Prices

EasyPark offers customers two pricing models:

EasyPark Go is a “pay as you park” model. You pay the local parking fee plus a €0.39 transaction fee per parking transaction.
SMS reminders: €0.19
Email receipts: Free

EasyPark Premium is convenient if you park more regularly. With this package, you pay €1.99 monthly, and therefore no transaction fees.
SMS reminders: €0.19
Email receipts: Free

In the Netherlands, EasyPark accepts the following payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and AMEX. Perhaps iDeal will be added to this.

Grow further

The acquisition of Parkmobile enables EasyPark Group to further grow in the world of digital parking services, electric vehicle charging and mobility services. The two companies are perfectly positioned with additional market coverage in North America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK (including England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) and the rest of Europe. With a growing network of currently 3,200 cities worldwide.