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Parking at Eindhoven Airport

March 21, 2022

Where can I park at Eindhoven Airport?

If you come to the airport in Eindhoven by car, you naturally want to know where this is possible. Parking at Eindhoven Airport is very easy. There are many parking facilities and options.

Gold Parking P1

The closest parking facility to Eindhoven Airport is P1. When you leave the parking garage, you immediately step into the departure terminal. Very handy! The first 15 minutes are free, so perfect if you want to drop someone off (Kiss & Ride). After that, the € 3.00 per half hour starts, with a daily rate of € 35. So both short-term parking and long-term parking is possible. It is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment on arrival.

Silver Parking P3

Using P3 requires a reservation. This location is suitable for long-term parking and is a short 5-minute walk from the terminal.

Bronze Parking P4

P4 is a 7-minute walk from the terminal. Long-term parking is available for this parking facility, which is largely covered. An online reservation in advance is also required for this parking space in order to use the parking facility.

Bronze Parking P5

Like P4, this parking lot is also a 7-minute walk from the terminal. However, this parking offers more places. As for the other parking spaces, except P1, advance reservation is required.

Parking options Eindhoven Airport

If you want to park at Eindhoven Airport, you can choose from several parking options. Each form has different rates.

Parking within walking distance

The most conventional form is parking within walking distance of the terminal. With this form of parking, you can park your car yourself and walk with your luggage towards the terminal.


Another form is a shuttle bus that takes you to the terminal. This bus leaves several times an hour from long-term parking facility P8 to the Eindhoven Airport departure hall. A ride takes about 10 minutes. This way is by far the most economical choice for parking at Eindhoven Airport.

Valet parking

If you choose the valet service or valet parking, you can drive directly to the airport. All you have to do is contact the parking company half an hour before you arrive at Eindhoven Airport. A driver will then be ready to drive your car to the agreed parking space. Ideal! And when you are back in Eindhoven, the driver will return your car to the agreed place, so that you can go home quickly.

Parking electric car Eindhoven Airport

If you own an electric car, you can only park at Gold Parking P1. Parking spaces with a charging station are excluded from reservation. It is therefore possible that no electric charging station is available. In addition, there is a fee that is charged when you charge an electric car at P1. The costs for this are € 0.45 per kW with a starting rate of € 0.50.

For more information about the charging infrastructure in the Netherlands , please refer to this article.