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Paravan of the car, what is that?

March 23, 2022

In practice, the paravane is the panel through which the windscreen wipers protrude. Underneath is a container in which the wiper mechanism and usually also the wiper motor and the windshield washer reservoir are mounted. The paravane is often also provided with one or more grilles. These allow air to pass through, which is fed to the dashboard via the box under the paravane through the ventilation channels.

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Cleaning your car

In many cars, the paravane is (partially) covered by the hood. As a result, you may not pay much attention to it. But outside your direct view, clutter such as leaves and twigs can accumulate there.

In addition to fresh air, the paravane can also let those branches, leaves and other debris through. Rainwater also gets in anyway. If your car is a bit older, the latter can also happen through the holes through which the windshield wipers stick out. So keep that paravane clean and tidy, this also prevents rust from eventually occurring.

Paravan car hidden

Good, except hidden under the hood, the paravane can also be clogged by dirt. It is therefore important to clean and keep the paravane clean and to prevent it from getting covered in dirt. Because dirt does not only collect on the paravane, but also underneath it. Dirt absorbs moisture and eventually moisture can also enter the interior. With all the associated consequences, such as fogged windows, mould, foul odors and of course rust. Or it even gets into the electronics of the car, because your dashboard and the paravane are very close to each other…

So also regularly clean the box under the paravane and remove dirt, leaves and debris from the grids. Prevent that rubbish from ending up in the bin under the paravane. You can usually disassemble the grids with little effort, which makes dredging easier. Also check whether the drainage channels in the tank are still open, so that rainwater finds its way out again and does not end up in the interior or even the electronics of your car.

If you hear a sloshing sound when you are in the car, then you know what to do. But then it is actually too late.

Paravan car meaning

According to the Dikke Van Dale, the word paravaan comes from shipping and it was originally a tool to cut submarine mines free from their cable. A paravane is therefore under the bow and that somewhat explains the use of the word in the car world.