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Opel Frontera: the first details

April 9, 2024

New design language

The new Opel Frontera is the first production model to feature the new Opel “Blitz” emblem, central to the Opel Vizor family face. The black “visor” on the front of the Frontera seamlessly integrates the Eco LED headlights with automatic high beam. The family face also houses a trapezoidal cooling vent underneath and emphasizes the car’s rugged stance.

“Opel’s distinctive, wing-shaped taillights have a modern interpretation in the Frontera with light blocks separated by inserts in body color. From the side, the distinctive C-pillar, which visually bisects the spacious cabin, is particularly striking. The pronounced wheel arches and fenders give the car firm proportions and a solid, modern appearance,” Opel said.

Connectivity and comfort

The interior features the all-digital Pure Panel cockpit with two 10-inch displays and a Multimedia infotainment system. The newly designed Opel steering wheel also immediately catches the eye. Opel consistently follows the philosophy of maximum comfort with minimal distractions, with a clear and uncluttered user experience that prevents digital stress and distraction.

The new Opel Frontera also takes into account drivers who prefer to rely on their own mobile device. The SUV comes to market with an innovative smartphone station (optional). The smartphone connects via a special app and can then be used as the control panel for the car’s infotainment, with unchanged operation of steering wheel controls.

Interior Opel Frontera with digital dashboard and touchscreen on the center console.
Interior Opel Frontera with digital dashboard and touchscreen on the center console.


In addition, customers of the new Opel Frontera can count on innovations for seating comfort. The patented “Intelli-Seat” front seats have a cutout that reduces pressure on the tailbone, ensuring excellent comfort even on long highway trips. Moreover, the chairs are not only of high quality, but also offer a striking design with contrasting stitching. Upholstery made from recycled materials is among the options.

USBs everywhere

Smart solutions add fun and convenience on board, such as the cooled induction charger for smartphones, two front USB ports and two rear USB ports. Larger mobile devices, such as tablets, can be safely stored in the center console thanks to a flexible strap that holds the device in place. Furthermore, several open storage compartments accommodate smaller items, with the rubberized interior dampening the sound of rattling objects. Rear seat passengers benefit from integrated smartphone pockets in the back of the front seats.

Opel Frontera

Luggage space Opel Frontera

The new Opel Frontera also impresses with its luggage space. This already offers more than 460 liters as standard and even 1,600 liters with the rear seats folded down. For added versatility, the rear seatback folds down at a 60:40 ratio, while an additional storage space is available under the cargo floor. Those who want to carry even more luggage can opt for the functional roof rails (optional) to take advantage of the roof load of over 200 kilograms.

As an EV and as an MHEV

Like all other new Opel models, the Frontera impresses not only with its bold and pure design, but also with its performance. The SUV comes to market with a choice of battery-electric drive and efficient hybrid drive with 48V technology. Apart from the chosen drive train, the new Opel Frontera always guarantees a lot of driving pleasure thanks to its specific suspension tuning. The engineers in Rüsselsheim paid great attention to optimizing the typical Opel driving characteristics – even at high speeds on the German Autobahn.

More details about the new Opel Frontera will follow soon. Stay tuned for an extended walkaround video.

Opel Frontera

Auto-SUV interior with steering wheel with emblem, digital dashboard and touchscreen on center console.

Close-up of an alloy rim of an SUV with a blue background with color gradient.

Close-up of the rear of a modern automotive SUV with LED taillights and orange paint finish, specifically the Opel Frontera.

Close-up of the orange grille of a car SUV with the word 'Frontera' printed on it.

Orange Opel Frontera SUV displayed in a studio setting with dramatic lighting.

Orange Opel Frontera parked under diffused light.

Orange Opel Frontera compact Suv parked under a spotlight.