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Opel Astra XS is a plug-in hybrid street racer

July 21, 2022

Opel tuning

Opel is a popular brand among tuning enthusiasts. The Opel Manta B, Corsa or Calibra are models that have often been firmly taken in hand by their owners. It turns out that the brand-new Astra doesn’t need a cool body kit at all to look like a street racer. A set of extra-large wheels, some decals and a lowering kit prove sufficient.

Astra XS

Tuning specialist XS has taken the new Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid in hand. The team at XS Carnight equipped the Astra with air suspension from Grinds and height sensors from Carstyle Me, combined with the original shock absorbers. Furthermore, they fitted the Opel with 20-inch forged wheels from American rim manufacturer RVNT Forged. The finishing touches on the show car are the motorsport stickers – which are simply available from Opel Accessories – on the car’s flanks and windshield.

Astra plug-in hybrid

Under the hood, everything remained the same. Inside the Astra PHEV are two engines – a gasoline and electric motor – which together are good for 180 hp and 360 Nm. Whether that makes any headway you can see in the video below. Car enthusiasts who happen to be vacationing near Berlin in late July can see the Astra XS with their own eyes during the XC Carnight at the Olympic Station.