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Official: SsangYong Motor Company becomes KG Mobility

March 22, 2023

SsangYong Motor Company becomes KG Mobility

In September 2022, SsangYong Motor Company was acquired and became part of the KG Group. This merger now also brings a name change as the existing company name SsangYong Motor Company will be replaced by KG Mobility on March 22.

KG Group

The KG Group has 19 subsidiary companies in very different fields. Think chemistry, steel, environmentally friendly energy, IT, media and even training. The new corporate name of SsangYong Motor Company will be KG Mobility. KG Mobility, under the motto “Go. Different. KG Mobility’, launch four new electric models in various popular segments.

Four new models on the way

For starters, there will be the Torres EVX, there will also be a midsize pickup (O100) with electric drive. An electric full-size SUV (F100) and also a compact electric SUV (KR10) will follow. KG Mobility will also develop a new EV platform and work is underway – in collaboration with other IT and software players within the KG Group – on autonomous driving functions and advanced connectivity.

KG Torres

What about the name SsangYong?

The name change to KG Mobility will become a reality on March 22 after the board of directors approves it. The new company KG Mobility intends to market itself as a sustainable, forward-looking and globally active automotive player and will operate under the wings of the KG Group. The SsangYong name will not disappear immediately just yet, as ‘SsangYong’ will continue to appear next to ‘KG Mobility’ for a while on official communication channels such as the website.

Old car manufacturer in South Korea

SsangYong is South Korea’s oldest car manufacturer. You can know the brand from Actyon, Rexton, Korando and the Rodius. SsangYong was originally founded in 1954, but the SsangYong name did not first appear until the late 1980s. The brand had several owners, including Daewoo, China’s SAIC Motor and India’s Mahindra & Mahindra. So KG Group is now the new owner of the brand and is making a name change.