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Novice driver often causes serious accidents

March 8, 2022

More penalty points given

You are a novice driver in the first 5 to 7 years after you receive your driver’s license. Only then is the points driving license active. “You get a penalty point if you drive dangerously or recklessly, drive too fast or have an accident with damage or injury,” national traffic officer Achilles Damen told EenVandaag . In 2019, 6,000 penalty points were handed out, in 2021 almost 9,000. In the case of two serious violations, you must go to the CBR for an investigation. The increase mainly occurs in the number of first penalty points, not so much in the second penalty point.

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The Public Prosecution Service indicates that substance use, speed and distraction are the main causes of the accidents. “In particular mobile phones, looking up something on the screen and typing it, that leads to accidents,” says officer Damen.

Zero road deaths in 2050

A European safety agreement was signed in 2018 to ensure that the number of road deaths in Europe falls to zero by 2050. The Public Prosecution Service therefore finds the observation that the number of penalty points is increasing among novice drivers.