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Nice Kawasaki quad for the little ones

August 3, 2022

The sportily styled KFX90 is a four-wheeled quad bike that Kawasaki says both young and old, and of different riding levels, will enjoy. Modern and sporty is the look. Compact it is too and it weighs only 122 kg.

With electric starter

Notable features include LED lighting and an electric starter. The KFX90 can only be started by means of the ignition key. The compact and reliable 89.9 cc four-stroke, air-cooled 6.3 hp engine is mated to a fully automatic CVT transmission. So switching is not necessary.

Maximum speed limit

The low-maintenance CVT automatic transmission guarantees many hours of carefree driving pleasure. In addition, the maximum speed is mechanically adjustable, so that driving the KFX90 can be learned responsibly and step by step.

Suspension and brakes

The high quality steel frame with A-arm front suspension and swing arm rear suspension provides sporty handling in any terrain. At the front, the KFX90 has dual drum brakes and at the rear a powerful hydraulic disc brake. Because the wide running boards have anti-slip features, feet can be kept safely inboard.

What does he cost?

The KFX90 is expected to be available from official Kawasaki dealers from mid-October. Prices will be announced later.