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New versus old: all generations of MINI 3-doors at a glance

September 2, 2023

From 1959 to the present

Mini inventor Alec Issigonis could never have imagined in 1959 that his design would appeal to so many enthusiasts. Meanwhile, MINI has already presented the fifth generation 3-door. In fact, every generation published after the 1959 original was a big hit. Each time the car became a little more mature, without losing sight of the recipe of the original. Because the MINI 3-door is still a car with compact exterior dimensions, but with ample interior space.

Increasingly sustainable

MINI made extremely sporty “forays” in recent years with the GP variants or Cooper S John Cooper versions. The focus has been increasingly on sustainability since the fourth generation, as evidenced by the arrival of the all-electric MINI. The fifth generation MINI 3-door even kicks off with electric versions: the MINI Cooper E and MINI Cooper SE. Regular gasoline engines are also still on the program, as are a MINI Cabrio and a MINI 5-door.

Five generations

The big question: which generation is your favorite? In any case, we can say that the fifth and thus latest generation MINI 3-door strongly harkens back to Alec Issigonis’ original, especially in the interior.

MINI 3-door - all generations