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New Toyota Land Cruiser is making tongues wag: nice and retro!

August 2, 2023

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

Practice shows that the Toyota Land Cruiser is actually unbreakable. A compliment, of course, but also immediately a curse. Especially when you have to develop a completely new generation as an automaker. Because that one has big shoes to fill. This new generation 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser is ready for it, according to Toyota. What does the new Land Cruiser have to offer? We list that in this article.

Sales numbers

The Land Cruiser name has been synonymous with strength and reliability for more than 70 years. All over the world, Toyota’s LCs are deployed, often in remote areas. To date, 11.3 million units have been sold worldwide in more than 170 countries and regions since the Toyota Land Cruiser saw the light of day 72 years ago as the “Toyota BJ,” on Aug. 1, 1951. The stated number of 11.3 million, by the way, is measured through June 2023, including the Lexus LX and Lexus GX models.

Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition 2024

Toyota’s new GA-F platform

Toyota is building the next-generation Land Cruiser on Toyota’s new GA-F platform. The body-on-frame construction was retained in the process. This new frame is 50% stiffer and the combined stiffness of body and frame is 30% higher than the previous generation. Those improvements should also make the Land Cruiser drive better than before. The basic performance of the suspension has also been improved, particularly to ensure better wheel travel. This is especially important when driving off-road.

Electric power steering

Salient detail: this is the first Land Cruiser with electric power steering (EPS). Previous editions still had hydraulic steering. The new EPS reduces the recoil that can occur when driving over rough terrain and provides smoother, more direct steering and easier maneuverability at all speeds. The use of EPS also allows the new Land Cruiser to feature Lane Tracing Assist as part of the Toyota Safety Sense package of various active safety and driver assistance systems.

Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition 2024

Detachable stabilizer bar for

Then the new 2024 Land Cruiser has another first: it is the first Toyota to feature a new front detachable stabilizer bar for even more off-road capability. The technology – SDM (Stabilizer with Disconnection Mechanism) – allows the driver to change the status of the stabilizer bar with a switch on the dashboard. This flexibility provides better handling on rough roads as well as increased comfort and handling on the road.

Multi-Terrain Monitor and Multi-Terrain Select

Upgrades for Multi-Terrain Select and the Multi-Terrain Monitor provide further support for off-road driving. The Multi-Terrain Monitor uses a high-resolution camera and display and gives the driver a clear view of the area immediately around and under the car. The Multi-Terrain Select system automatically adjusts the car’s performance to meet the demands of different off-road driving conditions.

Diesel engine, as well as a diesel mild-hybrid

In Western Europe, the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser will appear on the market with a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine rated at up to 150 kW (204 hp). This diesel engine is mated to a new eight-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission. This allows the Land Cruiser to tow loads of up to 3,500 kg. An electrified powertrain will follow in early 2025. The combines a diesel engine with 48-Volt mild hybrid technology. A battery-electric Land Cruiser is not in the cards for now.

Retro design

The new Toyota Land Cruiser has a retro design. Toyota even talks about a “back to its roots” look, developed with a form-follows-function approach. Off-road capabilities are enhanced by shorter overhangs, cleverly designed angles and a narrowed lower body. Body parts are designed to be easily replaced in case of damage. The normal version has square headlights. The First Edition gets round headlights.

Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition 2024 and normal Toyota Land Cruiser 2024
2024 Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition and normal 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

Dimensions 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

The overall length of the new Toyota Land Cruiser comes to 4,920 mm, the width is 1,980 mm and the height is 1,870 mm. The wheelbase measures 2,850 mm. The interior offers a choice of five or seven seats.


The interior design also looks nice and retro, but with a modern twist. The horizontally positioned instrument panel is raised a bit and the switches are shaped for easy operation, even when driving over challenging terrain. The driver’s all-round visibility has been prioritized, helped by the low-slung hood, horizontal instrument panel and a lowered belt line that allows for deeper side windows.

Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition

The all-new Land Cruiser will be introduced in Europe with a special First Edition model, available exclusively for customers to reserve during the initial pre-sale period beginning in October 2023. This limited edition version – about 3,000 units for Europe – highlights the Land Cruiser’s heritage with special styling features and a no-nonsense off-road character. Details of the First Edition include classic round headlights and two special bi-tone exterior paint finishes: Sand and Smoky Blue. Toyota will announce more details closer to the start of pre-sales. The first examples of the new Land Cruiser will arrive in Europe in the first half of 2024.

Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition 2024

Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition 2024

Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition 2024