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New iPhone 14 has crash detection, recognizes serious car accident

September 8, 2022

iPhone 14 crash detection

But how does the new iPhone 14 (Pro) feel, hear and measure that you are involved in a car accident? This new smartphone can determine that from a variety of information. We list the features of the iPhone 14 crash detection for you.

Sudden changes of speed

Sudden changes in speed, for example. A new accelerometer for high G-forces detects extreme speed changes up to 256 G. If there are so many G-forces, the iPhone 14 crash detection is activated.

Pressure changes in car

Pressure changes in the car are also noted. The barometer detects pressure changes when airbags inflate.

Abrupt changes of direction

Are there any abrupt changes of direction? Even then, the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are sounding the alarm. The high dynamic range gyroscope monitors drastic changes in a car’s orientation.

Hard impact noise

Hard impact sounds do not go unnoticed either. The microphone can identify the loud sounds of a collision as you drive. To ensure privacy, everything is processed only on your iPhone.


Apple conducted tests with different types of collisions to develop this crash detection in order to come up with a well-functioning motion algorithm. Apple: “Using public data on collisions, we made crash detection as accurate as possible. A million hours of data on driving and collisions causes the iPhone to recognize 14 accidents.”