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New electric cars 2022

May 5, 2022

Which electric cars are there?

Electric cars are moving fast. The successful new models released in 2021 such as the IONIQ 5 and Kia EV6 (Car of the Year 2022) were joined by a series of newcomers at the end of last year and in the first months of 2022.

Opel Rocks-e

Opel has released the Rocks-e . It is a very compact, relatively affordable model for city use with a maximum speed of 45 km/h. It is actually an electric microcar, which 16-year-olds can also drive if they have a moped driver’s license. Opel also has the Opel Corsa-e and the Mokka-e as electric cars in its range. An electric version of the new Opel Astra will also be offered this year, 2022.

MG 5 Electric

MG is one of the first with an electric station wagon. That is the MG 5 Electric introduced at the beginning of 2022. Interesting is its price of just over 30 grand. It is spacious and at the same time quite affordable. In fact, it is only slightly more expensive than a station wagon with a combustion engine of this size. With a nice driving range up to 400 km. MG has already put itself on the electric map with the previously released ZS EV, which quickly became one of the better-selling models in the Netherlands due to its favorable price, decent space and good performance.

Hyundai IONIQ

IONIQ (pronounced: ei-on-ik) is a name associated with Hyundai’s electrically powered cars . The first model was still called Hyundai Ioniq. There is now talk of a brand IONIQ, of which the first model with the type designation 5 is going through life. The IONIQ 6 will follow later in 2022, which will have more of the appearance of a large four-door coupé and thus will have a lower roofline than the IONIQ 5.

Nissan Ariya

With the Leaf, Nissan was the first manufacturer to put an electric car into series production. The brand is thus a pioneer and now, years later, is taking the next step with the Nissan Ariya . It is a mid-range hatchback that shares power with the Renault Mégane E-TECH . Both models were released in the first half of 2022 and both are interesting for those considering an electric car due to their interior space, range and pricing.

Mercedes-Benz EQE

Mercedes-Benz was once leading with diesel technology. Now the manufacturer is emphatically focusing on electric drive. Electric models are being launched at high speed. The ‘smaller’ models EQA, EQB and EQC will be joined by the EQE and EQS in 2022. These are large limousines as electric counterparts of the E-Class and S-Class. The EQS stands out with a range of up to 731 km and a charge time from 10 to 80% in 31 minutes.

Which electric cars are expected in 2022?

Toyota bZ4X

Hybrids without plugs have been Toyota’s territory for years. The Prius was even the first in this genre and it has been acting on the hybrid stage for almost 20 years. In addition to some plug-in hybrid models, there will also be a fully electric model in 2022, the Toyota bZ4X. Subaru will release an electric Solterra based on this model. In addition to a front-wheel drive version, there will also be one with four-wheel drive. In the future, a Toyota bZ3X and a compact model with the dimensions of the Toyota Aygo will follow.

Electric BMW i7

BMW cannot lag behind with electric models. Just like Mercedes-Benz, the brand gives a lot of gas. After the BMW i4 and iX, an electric variant of the BMW X3, introduced in 2021, a BMW i7 is now in the pipeline. The introduction is announced for the end of 2022. Like the EQS from Mercedes-Benz, it is a limousine for the top class. The i7 only comes in an extended version and stands out with a great entertainment system in the back, so that the space can be transformed into a small cinema.

Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi

The Volkswagen ID3 has been very popular since its arrival. In the Netherlands, this model was immediately one of the best-selling cars after its sale, so better than models with a combustion engine. The larger ID4 and the technically equal Skoda Enyaq (pronounced: en-ie-jak) continue the success. In 2022, the coupé versions Volkswagen ID5 and Skoda Enyaq Coupé should keep that line. Audi, belonging to the same Volkswagen Group, will expand the e-tron model line in 2022 with a Q6 e-tron, a larger SUV than the Q4 e-tron.


Seres is a fairly new brand in the Netherlands. However, the group is not a small player. It has development and production facilities in the US, China and Japan. The Seres 3 is already here, a medium format SUV for less than 40 grand. In the course of 2022, the Seres 5, an electric SUV Coupé, and the Seres 7, a spacious four-door coupé will follow.

Polestar 3

Polestar, Volvo’s all-electric brand, will launch the Polestar 3 in 2022. The appearance is different from the Polestar 2, which still bears a strong resemblance to Volvo. The new all-electric 3 is taller, with large wheels, a low roofline and elongated windows. This gives this SUV the appearance of a sporty coupé.