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New BMW M2 already tuned: more powerful than M3!

November 4, 2022

Manhart MH2 560

Manhart is not a tuner that focuses specifically on one brand, but mostly the refinisher takes on BMW’ s M models. Now it is the turn of a model that is not even in the showroom at the time of writing: the new BMW M2.

We begin briefly by interpreting the number 560. Indeed, the 3.0-liter six-in-line gets a power upgrade from 460 hp to 560 hp. That hefty 100 hp extra makes the MH2 560 a lot more powerful than the M3 Competition (510 hp) and even trumps the M3 CSL (550 hp). The torque, by the way, at 650 Nm, is also worthy of note. The path to this extra power is relatively simple: Manhart modifies the software and installs a stainless steel exhaust system with valves. It is not yet clear how these power gains will affect the M2’s performance.

Manhart MH2 560

Even less subtle

Where the standard M2 is already lacking in subtlety, the MH2 560 throws a spanner in the works. The black and gold color scheme immediately catches the eye, but the eye also catches the carbon fiber parts Manhart screws onto the M2’s bodywork. That aerodynamics package includes a bumper lip, a rear spoiler, side skirts and additional louvers behind the front and rear fenders. That does make Manhart’s kit pretty identical to the M Performance parts that BMW itself already offers for the M2.

At the rear, you will also notice the F1-style rear fog light placed in the center of the diffuser. To top it all off, the MH2 560 sits on a set of matte black “Manhart Concave One” wheels with a gold trim, and thanks to a lowering kit for the suspension, the M2 is a little closer to the asphalt.

Price Manhart MH2 560

The price of the MH2 560 is not yet known, but available upon request if desired. All in all, it will not be cheap, as the Dutch starting price of the M2 has already been set at thick 113,000 euros.