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New 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser meets ancestors – AutoRAI TV

August 7, 2023

From Toyota BJ to 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota presented the Toyota BJ on Aug. 1, 1951. The Japanese do not know at that moment that they have a world hit on their hands. The BJ was the first vehicle to successfully climb to the sixth station on the slopes of Mount Fuji. That news did not go unnoticed worldwide. The model’s popularity soared, and under the Land Cruiser name, the Toyota grew to become an icon in terms of reliability, durability and the ability to handle rough road conditions.

Excellent reputation

“In over 70 years, the Toyota Land Cruiser has earned a worldwide reputation as a transportation vehicle you can rely on to get you safely to your destination – and home again – in the harshest conditions,” said the Toyota spokesperson. “For us, the model is incredibly important on an international level. In the United States but also in Africa and the Middle East, the Land Cruiser is very popular. The model also has many fans in Europe.”

Million hit

Since sales began in 1951, Toyota has sold more than 11.3 million units of the Land Cruiser in more than 170 countries and regions. During an exclusive sneak preview, we come face to face with the new generation for the first time, but also meet some of its forefathers. In this video, we talk you all the way through. Want to know more about the new 2024 Land Cruiser? In this article, we tell you all the details.

The new Toyota Land Cruiser (2024) is VET & RETRO! – SNEAK PREVIEW – AutoRAI TV