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Neighbors go after car thief and call 112: “I’m after the neighbor’s car, it was just stolen!”

March 4, 2022

Audi RS 3 stolen

An old Dutch proverb says “a good neighbor is better than a distant friend”. In Hoogland, an Audi RS 3 owner who was on vacation has a very good neighbor. He saw how the Audi was stolen from his neighbors and did not hesitate for a moment. He got into his own car with a local resident, followed it and typed 112 on his phone. “I’m chasing the neighbor’s car, it was just stolen!”

wild chase

During the chase, the duo gives the license plate and description of the car to the police . They decide to let go of the white Audi, when the thieves chase the RS 3 to a speed of 250 km/h, while driving on the A1 towards Eemnes. But this story doesn’t end there. The stolen Audi appears to be equipped with a track and trace system, which the neighbors have gained access to.

GPS system

The police of Hilversum and Baarn join the chase. The sporty hatchback now appears to drive through the polder of Eemnes. The police find out that the Audi is so well protected that they can not only track it via GPS, but also switch off the car’s engine remotely. The crooks hadn’t taken that into account.

Trace research

The police find the stolen car not much later just outside Eemnes, but the suspects have since left. The Audi has been taken for trace evidence and will then be returned to the owner. The police are calling on witnesses to come forward and are very grateful to the observant neighbors. It is not yet known how often the RS 3 owner will take his neighbors out for dinner.

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