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MUTT Motorcycles has a new Dutch importer

March 4, 2022

MUTT Motorcycles

MUTT Motorcycles is not yet very well known in the Netherlands, but the British motorcycle brand has been supplying motorcycles in other European countries, Asia and Australia for some time. MUTT Motorcycles was founded in Birmingham in 2013 by Benny Thomas and Will Rigg. After 15 years of customizing Harley-Davidsons, Indians and Triumphs, the guys decided it was time to build affordable motorcycles. Just a compact, simple bike that you quickly grab to go to the city.

Bennty and Will noticed that the custom motorcycle scene was becoming less accessible. The engines are getting more expensive, bigger and rarer. And that is a sin. That’s why the custom style was applied to smaller engines with less displacement, without sacrificing quality.

How small is small?

The MUTT engines are based on a 125cc engine from Suzuki. This is not only reliable, but also super economical. Recently there are also models available with 250cc, with just a little more punch. Both versions aren’t heroes on the highway, of course, but that doesn’t fit the MUTT Motorcycles ideology at all. The motorcycles really come into their own on the back roads and in the city.

Behind the scenes work is also being done on models with more displacement and an electric variant.

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When you see the bikes, we don’t need to tell you that MUTT Motorcycles is familiar with building custom bikes. It’s a mix of classic black steel frames, modern LED lighting, café racer seats, aluminum fenders, Monza-style fuel caps, studded tires and minimalist dashboards. And with names like Mastiff, Fat Sabbath and Razorback you can also expect a few things of course.

Duration? Not too bad!

When the word ‘custom’ comes up, one thing is certain: you can pull your wallet. That is also in the case of MUTT Motors . You just need less than you thought beforehand. The 125cc variant costs less than 4,000 euros. For comparison, the Honda MSX 125 costs a little over 4,500 euros new. You can contact Silverline Automotive if you are interested in a MUTT Motorcycles model.