Motorists increasingly ask passengers for petrol money

April 21, 2022

Most expensive gasoline in the world

We don’t have to tell you anything more about the petrol prices in the Netherlands. It is and remains painful that there is no country in the world where petrol is as expensive as in the Netherlands. ‘Yes, but Hong Kong’, we hear you say. That’s not officially a country, so we don’t count. But okay, it’s right. Gasoline is slightly more expensive there than here.

United Kingdom petrol price

In the United Kingdom, the average price of petrol has also risen sharply between February and March. At 12.6 pence per liter to be exact, the biggest monthly increase since 1990. A liter of E10 (Euro 95) now costs EUR 1,940 converted. Fuel is also very expensive there. British motorists therefore find it increasingly normal to ask their fellow passengers for money when they ride.

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Ask for gas money

The road safety organization IAM RoadSmart has asked 1,000 British motorists to make it clear to their passengers that they would like to share fuel costs. 64 percent of those surveyed say this is normal. Young drivers (18 to 24 years old) in particular like to ask the other passengers for financial compensation: no less than 82%. Logical, since novice drivers often have less to spend. British over-65s find it somewhat inconvenient to ask for gas money. Only 58% of older drivers ask their passengers for compensation.

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