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Morgan Plus 4 Spiaggina is a special one-off

March 10, 2023

Morgan Plus 4 Spiaggina

The Morgan Plus 4 Spiaggina is based on a Morgan Plus 4. The car was completed after an extensive design and construction process as early as 2022, but is only now being presented to the outside world. “By working closely with Morgan’s designers and craftsmen, the owner of the Plus 4 Spiaggina managed to turn his vision into reality,” Morgan said.

Braided leather and lots of wood

The construction used materials of the highest quality, including light brown braided leather for the seats and interior trim, inspired by the wicker seats of Spiaggina cars of the era. The interior features prominent use of teak throughout, with the rear seats folding flat to expose a rear deck with cork inlay. The canopy – handcrafted from aluminum – folds in the middle and is covered with braided leather.

Wishes for a Morgan one-off?

Also immediately a call from Morgan. For should you have your own wishes for a one-off, you may report to the British manufacturer. The possibilities are endless, but of course everything comes with a price tag. The price of this Morgan Plus 4 Spiaggina has not been communicated.

Morgan Plus 4 Spiaggina