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Minister: ‘Inflation up, then traffic fines up too’

September 5, 2022

The minister has submitted a proposal to increase the most common traffic fines by about 8.6 percent. If her proposal is adopted, for example, the fine for holding a phone behind the wheel will increase from 350 to 380 euros. Not using a turn signal while turning will go from 100 to 110 euros. While not wearing a seat belt will cost 180 euros (instead of 150 euros now). Caught wrongly parking in a handicapped parking space? This could soon earn you a fine of 450 euros. All this without any administration costs, that is.

No pity

When Ms Yeşilgöz – by The Telegraph – was asked if her proposal submitted to the House of Representatives wasn’t a bit too much of a stretch when everyday life is already hitting citizens so hard in the wallet, she replied, “As long as you follow the rules, you don’t have to incur the costs. An open door that anyone could have kicked in, but the minister remains adamant about her plan. Leaving the penalty levels as they are would, at the current (high) rate of inflation, mean actually becoming “cheaper,” she argues.

Good preparation, half the work

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