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Millionth Tesla in Europe a reality

October 23, 2023

Tesla’s growth

Tesla’s tremendous growth – from less than a thousand Roadsters in 2009 to hundreds of cars delivered daily by 2023 – is the result of the brand’s strong focus on making its vehicles accessible to more customers by making charging more affordable and accessible, according to the brand.

Price drop

Fully in line with the Tesla’s master plan from 2006, the brand has moved from an electric sports car with a price tag of more than 100,000 euros to selling more attainable and family-friendly electric vehicles that meet the needs of a large portion of new car buyers in Europe.

Economies of scale

Between 2018 and 2023, the average selling price of a new Tesla in Europe fell by more than 50%. “While most of these price reductions are the result of economies of scale, Tesla continues to make its offerings more attainable through innovative engineering and manufacturing techniques. This year alone, Model Y, Europe’s best-selling car, was made more affordable without sacrificing quality, safety, efficiency and performance,” Tesla said in a statement.

Tesla’s Supercharger network

In addition, Tesla has significantly expanded the Supercharger network across Europe. This has played a crucial role in reaching the milestone of 1 million deliveries in Europe, according to the brand. Tesla now operates more than 1,000 stations and 13,000 Superchargers in the region, with an uptime of 99.95%. In 12 of Tesla’s key markets in Europe, a Supercharger location can now be reached within 60 minutes on more than 85% of the highway and main road network. The network is still being rapidly expanded in 2023. In the first three quarters of the year, Tesla activated an average of eight new Superchargers per day in Europe.