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Mazda doubles warranty on new models: the fine print

March 10, 2023

Mazda warranty: from 3 to 6 years

Instead of a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, a 6-year warranty now applies to all new Mazda cars, but only up to a maximum of 150,000 kilometers. So what follows first. The Mazda warranty is linked to the car and is transferable to the next owner of the Mazda.

Reliable, so why not?

“Mazda has been among the top most reliable car brands for years. Stressing this reliability and providing extra customer service are reasons for the importer to double the warranty period for Mazda cars on the Dutch market,” said Marieke Mantje, spokeswoman for Mazda Motor Netherlands.

Warranty period of six years

The Mazda six-year warranty period already applies in much of Europe, including neighboring countries Belgium and Germany. A lithium-ion battery has a manufacturer’s warranty of eight years with a maximum of 160,000 kilometers.

The fine print

The Mazda factory warranty of 6 years applies to all Mazda cars with a first registration in the Netherlands and a first registration in the Netherlands from January 1, 2023. It is not possible to provide 6 years factory warranty when a Mazda was eligible for 3 years factory warranty at registration. However, it is possible to extend the warranty period by 1 or 2 years through the Mazda dealer when you choose Mazda Plus Warranty.

If the car is registered in another European country, you can claim the manufacturer’s warranty applicable to that car. That also implies that if a three-year warranty was still applicable in the country of origin, that also applies to your imported car.

What about accessories?

Does the warranty also apply to accessories? If the original Mazda accessory is purchased with the purchase of your new Mazda then the warranty period is three years. If the original Mazda accessory is fitted between delivery and 12 months, then warranty applies until the car is three years (36 months) old. If the accessory is installed after one year, a two-year warranty period applies. In all cases, if fitted by a Mazda dealer or Mazda Authorized Repairer.

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