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Mazda completely changes course: future plans highlighted

November 23, 2022

Mazda future

In recent years, the environment in which automakers operate has changed dramatically, especially in Europe with the growth of electrified products and associated regulations. Work to be done, then. To respond flexibly to these future changes, Mazda is presenting a three-phase plan for the period up to 2030. This is Mazda’s future.

Cost savings from Mazda

From today through 2024, Mazda will focus on achieving greater resilience to environmental changes. The emphasis is on strengthening technological developments, supply chains and cost savings.

During this time, Mazda is accelerating the electrification of its fleet by, it says, launching attractive products that comply with regulations in the respective markets. Mazda is still using the Mazda Multi-Solution approach here so the customer can choose what suits him or her best.

Mazda Vision Concept, preview of new MX-5?

In Europe, Mazda is very proud of the success of the Mazda MX-30 BEV, the recently launched Mazda CX-60 PHEV that has already sold more than 20,000 units and the arrival of the Mazda MX-30 R-EV in 2023. This version has a wankel engine as a range extender. Other electrified products will follow next, including the Mazda CX-80 with three rows of seats. Mazda is also presenting simultaneously with these future plans the Mazda Vision Concept, a study model with suspiciously many MX-5 features. Possibly this model gives a taste of the MX-5 of the future. Because yes, even in the future there is still room for a new MX-5. Perhaps the model also gives a taste of the new RX-7.

Mazda future 2025 to 2027

From 2025 to 2027, when regulations become stricter, particularly in Europe, Mazda will take the next necessary steps to boost the transition to electrification of its range. This includes both the refinement and use of Mazda’s multiple electrification and production technologies and the global launch of new battery-electric vehicles, the manufacturer promises.

Mazda partnership agreements

Mazda will achieve the transition to electrification through collaborations in several areas. During the presentation of this future plan, it was announced that Mazda has signed a cooperation agreement to develop and produce highly efficient electric powertrains with its partners. Investing in battery production is also part of future plans.

Mazda Vision Concept - side

Carbon neutrality by 2050

All plans should ensure that Mazda achieves carbon neutrality in all its operations by 2050. Mazda is working with several partners to achieve these future plans. These are names of companies you’ve probably never heard of.

Mazda collaborates with these companies

To develop and produce highly efficient electric powertrains, Mazda is collaborating with as many as seven companies. These are Imasen Electric Industrial, Ondo Corporation, Chuo Kaseihin, Hiroshima Aluminum Industry, HIROTEC Corporation, Fukuta Electric & Machinery and ROHM.

With Ondo, Hiroshima Aluminum Industry and HIROTEC, Mazda has a joint venture to develop efficient production technology. Mazda also aims to establish a manufacturing and supply framework for electric drive units with these parties.

A cooperation agreement has been reached with Imasen Electric Industrial and ROHM for the development of inverters, including silicon carbide semiconductors. To develop electric motors, Mazda is working with Chuo Kaseihin and Fukuta Electric & Machinery. Finally, Mazda has established a joint venture with Fukuta Electric & Machinery to gather knowledge and develop engine technology.

Mazda Vision Concept - rear end