Masters Expo 2022: all the automotive highlights!

December 13, 2022

Walking around the Masters Expo 2022, it looks more like one big shop window full of luxury goods. You name it and it’s there: from barbecues to Jacuzzis, from watches to exclusive jewelry. Besides these things, the car has always been an object that wealthy people like to set aside some money for. Car brands know this all too well, because at the Masters Expo we will see a number of car brands that we did not see at the Paris Salon. Audi, BMW, Range Rover and Tesla, among others, like to take the opportunity to look for new customers.

New opportunities

In addition to the establishment, new companies are also trying to raise money at the Masters Expo. For example, the Dutch company PAL-V is still working on getting its flying car airborne – which, by the way, is really close to happening now – and China’s Hongqi is also giving an appearance at Masters Expo 2022 with the 5.2-meter-long E-HS9. Not entirely without success, as the brand was able to tell opposite us that there was quite a bit of interest in the E-HS9.

Trade show report Masters Expo 2022

During our tour of the fair, BMW’s booth also stood out quite a bit. There were only two cars there, but certainly not the least. The BMW XM in particular inspired awe. Whether you think it’s beautiful or ugly, the widest BMW ever is hard to miss with its gold pinstripes and huge grille. A little further on is another impressive car: the i7. The electric variant of the 7 Series looks almost modest next to the XM, but at 5.4 meters long, it is by no means a small boy.

Our full exhibition report with everything above and more can be seen on AutoRAI’s YouTube channel!