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Magnetic holder is easy to use

October 24, 2022

Most phone holders require you to clip your phone into them. For that, you have to specifically adjust the holder or slide it open when you want to put your phone in. That doesn’t always work easily. With a magnetic holder, you only need to attach a magnet to the back of your phone or between the back of the phone and the phone case once. After that, all you have to do is bring your phone to the magnetic phone holder and it automatically snaps itself into place by magnetic attraction. If you want to detach your phone again, just grab your phone and pull it off the holder.

Firmly in place

Ever tried pulling apart two magnets stuck together? Then you know how difficult that is. The same applies to a magnetic phone holder, although fortunately the magnets are not so powerful that your phone is stuck to the holder forever. Fortunately, the magnetic holder and magnet on the phone or in the phone case are powerful enough to absorb shocks from uneven road surfaces. In most cases, a magnetic phone holder can withstand this even better than a traditional phone holder.

Suitable for any phone

With a magnetic phone holder, you don’t have to worry about any successor to your current phone not fitting the magnetic holder. You simply transfer the magnetic plate to your new phone and you’re done. Then, if you want to make that picture invisible, you can snap a new phone case around it: for example, an iPhone 14 Pro case. In doing so, pay close attention to what kind of phone case you choose. Folding cases or very thick cases hinder the magnetic action of the phone holder.

Compact on the dashboard

A magnetic holder takes up little space on your dashboard when not in use. That’s because in most cases, a magnetic holder consists only of a magnetic circle to which you attach the phone. Other phone holders tend to be a lot larger because the whole phone has to fit in them. That takes up quite a bit of space on your dashboard. Also, it looks a lot less elegant than a magnetic holder.

Magnetic holder and Apple MagSafe

If you have an iPhone 12, 13 or 14, a magnetic holder is already a godsend thanks to Apple MagSafe. This is a magnet that sits near the battery and allows wireless chargers, phone cases and magnetic holders to be easily clipped to the phone. So in that case, you don’t need an additional magnetic plate that you stick behind your phone. Do you use a phone case? Then make sure you select the right case for optimal Apple MagSafe operation. If you are looking for an iPhone 14 Pro case, there is a wide selection of cases that are MagSafe compatible. In that case, you can clip your phone to a magnetic holder without any additional additions.