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Lynk & Co introduces private lease: what does it cost?

September 14, 2023

In seven countries

“Private leasing is for customers focused on the long term,” Lynk & Co said in a statement. The private lease option is being rolled out in all seven countries where Lynk & Co operates: Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Belgium.

Private lease Lynk & Co.

Previously, leasing at Lynk & Co was available exclusively to corporations. Now individuals can also opt for a form of lease, namely private lease. The recipe is similar to that of other private lease providers: maintenance, insurance and road tax are all included in the monthly fee. You only have to refuel and recharge yourself. You read that right: the Lynk & Co 01 involves a plug-in hybrid. The technology comes from Volvo.

The cost

There is a choice of terms of 3, 4 or 5 years and distance packages ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 kilometers. The cost? We are happy to list them for you.

36 months

48 months

60 months

The fine print

Of course, there is also fine print. Private Lease at Lynk & Co is offered by ALD Automotive. Rates are based on your chosen term and mileage per year, including any chosen options and the following lease services. There are quite a lot of them, think of depreciation, interest, third-party insurance, all-risk insurance, hull damage insurance, deductible of 300 euros on third-party insurance, repair and maintenance, summer tires, breakdown and accident assistance at home and abroad, replacement transport after 48 hours (same segment vehicle) and accident passenger insurance. Lynk & Co coordinates contracts on a client-by-client basis.