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Looking for an SUV: what models are there?

November 18, 2022

Different SUV models

Basically, the bulk of the SUV market consists of three segments: compact, medium and large. Also called a crossover, the compact SUV is essentially a hatchback that stands higher on its wheels and has a tougher look. On the contrary, a medium SUV is similar in size to a station wagon, while a large SUV can also accommodate more than five people.

Compact SUV

A compact SUV is ideal for city use due to its smaller size. A good example is the SEAT Arona. In terms of size, the Arona is barely larger than the SEAT Ibiza, but it does offer the typical advantages of an SUV: higher entry and a bolder look. Also, compact SUVs are relatively light compared to their bigger brothers, which in turn results in favorable fuel economy.

Medium-sized SUV

For those who need more space, such as for vacations, the mid-size SUV is a good option. This is because in a midsize SUV, the rear passengers have more space and you can also carry quite a bit of extra luggage. For the driver, the high seating position offers greater comfort and visibility on long trips. An added advantage is that mid-size SUVs in many cases have a high towing weight, making it easy to hang a caravan behind them. Should you unexpectedly encounter a dirt road full of potholes, the mid-size SUV is more than capable of handling it thanks to its higher ground clearance.

Large SUV

You used to buy an MPV if you had to regularly transport more than five people in the car, but now the SUV has taken that place. In a large SUV, depending on the seat configuration, you have three rows of seats where the rear row of seats consists of two smaller seats. For adults this is not really comfortable sitting, but for children it is quite manageable. If you don’t need the rear seats, a large SUV offers a sea of luggage space. Take the SEAT Tarraco as an example: with all seats folded down, the trunk space is a whopping 1,920 liters!

Which SUV model should I have?

In short, which SUV is right for you depends entirely on what you are looking for in a car. If you live in the city and have two young children, a compact SUV is basically sufficient. If you often take the car on vacation, then again it may pay off to go for the medium-sized SUV. If you regularly need to carry a lot of people or stuff, there is really only one option left: the large SUV.