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Lightning start of new BMW R 1300 GS

October 17, 2023

Things are moving fast with the BMW R 1300 GS. Even before it is in the showroom, dozens have already been sold. Buyers will undoubtedly include GS loyalists who blindly trust the qualities of a completely new generation of BMW’s best-selling model. Indeed, all previous models, including the latest R 1250 GS, could count on undiminished attention from GS faithful.

GS as market leader

It still remains special, that BMW Motorrad ignited the spark for a new genre of motorcycle 40 years ago with the then R 80 G/S. Then totally unaware that this genre of allroaders or adventure bikes would become very popular. That the GS with boxer engine would even become the market leader, not for a year but for years on end.

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Automatic height control

BMW ticks off first again with the new R 1300 GS when it comes to clever and innovative inventions. From the LED matrix headlight through Lane Assist to automatic height control. We have known the latter since the Triumph Explorer 1200. A system that sets the engine down just before standstill so you can reach the ground well with somewhat shorter legs. The Explorer drops two centimeters, the R 1300 GS adds another 3 centimeters.


New case set

BMW has also designed a new trunk set with a number of handy and practical gadgets. Important, because almost all GS owners are travel-loving and often trek to distant destinations packed and ready to go. The base plate for mounting the Vario top case can move about an inch to the left and right. As a result, the effect of wind gusts is less transmitted to the motorcycle. As a result, it remains more stable.

USB connections

With their shape, the new cases also fit well with the design of the R 1300 GS. In the left Vario case and in the top case there is a USB-A charging socket to charge a smartphone, for example. The cases also feature interior lighting. All cases have central locking. So you lock those or unlock them with the remote control.

Cases can be made smaller and larger

Also ingenious: a rotary knob allows you to make the cases wider and the top case higher for more space. If you don’t need them, then make the cases as small as possible. Useful if you often have to drive between traffic jams. If you have everything set to maximum, you have a total of 97 liters available. You can then store a helmet in the left case and in the top case.

Lashing eyelets for loose luggage

Furthermore, the cases have lashing eyelets for attaching additional luggage with straps. Then you turn the R 1300 GS into a pack mule all the way. One thing though: with suitcases, a maximum speed of 180 km/h is recommended. In the side panniers a maximum of 10 kg is allowed and in the top pannier the load limit is 6 kg.