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Lexus RZ has ‘patio heater,’ no joke

January 11, 2023

Advantage of radiant heating

Radiant heating (infrared radiation) not only makes occupants feel warmer faster, according to Lexus, but it also helps reduce the car’s energy consumption.

Also popular with new construction houses

“Unlike traditional convection heating, which heats the air, two interior panels in the RZ use infrared radiation to heat only the solid objects in their field of vision,” said the Lexus spokesperson. “This warms the driver and front passenger faster than conventional climate control systems. This heating technology is also popular in new construction houses, for example, because it provides very targeted heat.”

Lexus RZ

Radiant heating

In theory, you should also be able to heat food with infrared, but it never gets boiling hot. Therefore, you should not confuse radiant heating with microwave oven technology. Those are other heat rays. A microwave oven works with electromagnetic radiation, this technology from Lexus with infrared radiation. Terrace heaters have the same technology as the Lexus RZ, but you don’t heat food with a patio heater either.

More range!

Lexus states that radiant heating uses about 8 percent less energy by emitting heat only where needed. This reduces the load on the air conditioning system and leaves a greater range. After all, the RZ is an electric car.

Lexus RZ

This is how it works!

How all this works? Simple: the Lexus RZ has two hidden heat emitters at knee height behind the lower instrument and steering column panels. If the driver or passenger makes physical contact with the panel, the temperature automatically drops to 43 °C to prevent discomfort.

Supplement to standard interior heating

The radiant heating of the RZ complements standard interior heating. Seat heating and a heated steering wheel have also been considered. Radiant heating is standard on the Lexus RZ 450e President Line.

Lexus RZ