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Lexus is going to save the earth

February 2, 2022

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It won’t surprise you, we love car movies! Baby Driver, the Fast & Furious series, Bullitt, all movies we want to see again and again. Obviously, these movies are all set on planet Earth, but the movie Moonfall is all about – you guessed it – the moon.


But the moon no longer revolves around the earth. At least in the movie Moonfall. A mysterious force has knocked the moon out of orbit and put it on a collision course with life on Earth. The new Lexus NX plays a vital role in a heroic effort to bring the moon back into orbit and save the world.

Independence Day

That all sounds a bit far-fetched, but that’s the great thing about science fiction movies. The director of the film is Roland Emmerich and that is good news. You know them from iconic classics such as Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. The photos and the trailer of the film – which will hit theaters from March 17 – look promising.