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Jos Verstappen flies off the road with a rally car towards the public

March 4, 2022

Verstappen back in action

Jos Verstappen fans have finally been able to see the former F1 driver in action. During the Rally van Haspengouw, the Limburger made a creditable debut in the Belgian championship. At one point Jos was even fourth in the standings, but he eventually finished in eighth place. Not bad at all, for someone who is driving a rally for the first time in his life.

Flying towards the audience

During the seventh test it seemed to go wrong. The former driver of Benetton and Arrows, among others, shot straight ahead, straight into the mud towards the audience, causing him to lose a lot of time. As you can see in the video below, the audience was fortunately at a considerable distance, but many spectators still fled. Despite the loss of time, Verstappen still managed to finish first in the Rally Masters classification for the over-50s.

Rally debut Jos Verstappen

Jos tells about his debut: “All in all, I look back on my rally debut with satisfaction. The aim was to have fun and to finish, and we succeeded. Of course there is still a lot for me to learn, including when it comes to working with my navigator Kris Botson. Only by riding together very often can I gain experience with pacenotes and we can become one. Listening and processing the notes is the hardest part for me.”