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Is this the most beautiful charging station in the Netherlands?

November 15, 2022

Most beautiful charging station to be found in Amsterdam

This “most beautiful charging station in the Netherlands” is in Amsterdam. The charging station was designed by Sabine Marcelis, a Rotterdam-based designer. In the design of the Amsterdam charging station, she combines glass with solar panels.

The designer speaking

Sabine Marcelis: “Amsterdam is a city with a rich history and many faces. In my design I therefore went back to the foundations on which it is built, which is literally on piles. I translated the sand under the city’s streets into the design by using a 3D printing technique with sand. The reflection of the glass symbolizes the sky, and what happens there with the sun and the generation of solar energy. Thus, the ground and the sky come together in the charging station. Finally, it also incorporates the three famous Amsterdam St. Andrew’s crosses.”

Also a charging station for bikes

According to Audi, this “most beautiful charging station in the Netherlands” shows how new technology, a necessary commodity, can beautify the city’s spatial environment and provide a solution as energy becomes scarcer. For example, the design of Amsterdam’s charging station – inspired by the city’s character and history – incorporates solar panels that can also be used to charge electric bicycles.

A charging station every 21 meters in Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam expects to need about 82,000 charging stations by 2030 to meet the increasing demand for electric cars and charging stations. That would mean that in more than seven years there would be a charging station every 21 meters in Amsterdam. This development has a positive effect on the environment, but at the same time it affects the streetscape. That’s why it’s okay for Audi to have more fancy charging stations.

In the plan “Charge Me Strategic Plan Charging Infrastructure 2020 – 2030,” Amsterdam explains how it is trying to solve charging problems in the city.

Transition to electric driving

Currently, the Netherlands already has the most charging stations per square meter in Europe. The European Parliament has banned the sale of fuel cars from 2035. Audi is already moving entirely to electric cars by 2026.

Audi e-tron GT with charging station