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Is a car insured for storm damage?

February 7, 2024

Different car insurance policies

The answer to that question is no. A car is not always insured for storm damage. In fact, whether storm damage is covered by auto insurance depends greatly on the auto insurance policy you choose. Basically, there are three main types of auto insurance. We mention them briefly in a nutshell:

Insure against storm damage

Okay, so if you want your car to be insured against storm damage, so should you choose a WA+ (limited casco) or all risk insurance car? In principle, yes, but it also pays off if you do proper research on what exactly is covered by the term storm damage. And yep: that means diving into the policy requirements. The so-called “fine print. Do you have a digital version handy? Beautiful! Indeed, then it is easy to search for the term “storm damage. With the policy terms on paper, it takes a little more effort.

What is covered by storm damage?

Each insurer has its own terms and conditions regarding the concept of storm damage. For example, you may be insured if there is impact of hail on the car. But you are also covered for damage to your car in the event of natural disasters such as a flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption or an avalanche if you choose third-party liability insurance. The term “storm” deserves some dissection, because damage to a car is often covered only if the car is blown over while stationary, if objects on or against the car are hit by storms, or if the car door blows open against another object, or against your own car.

At a standstill

Also, let all the rules sink in, because what exactly does it say? Take the following issue: damage is covered if the car blows over while stationary. In other words, at idle, not when the car is moving. In itself, this can be logically explained. After all, those who do take to the roads in violent storms with strong crosswinds – for example, during Code Orange – are basically looking for risk themselves. If the car then blows over while driving, the insurance in this example does not cover it. On the other hand, it can also happen that you leave somewhere where there is no storm, but instead a storm develops along the way. To what extent then have you been negligent? It makes for interesting discussions.

Getting information

In any case, it is always wise to carefully review the policy terms and conditions for each car insurance policy, as there are differences between them. As the Netherlands faces more and more frequent storms, it is wise to educate yourself again. Perhaps a switch to an insurer with more comprehensive coverage would be worthwhile? Or maybe you’re in the right place with your current insurer. You will have to check that out for yourself. Getting information never hurts. Because prevention is better than… Oh well, I’m sure you can fill it in yourself.