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Ideal last-minute vacation car: 7-seater Honda Odyssey V6 Prestige in JDM spec

August 7, 2023

Honda Odyssey V6 Prestige

You won’t be the only Dutch person who has had it with the typical Dutch summer weather by now. Almost all last-minute flight vacations to the sun are therefore fully booked. So you will have to take the car if you suffer from vitamin D deficiency. We found a car that will still allow you to drive seven people to southern Europe tomorrow: a Honda Odyssey V6 Prestige.

Original family car

The car, which is for sale in Zwolle, is currently the only first-generation Honda Odyssey V6 in all of Europe, according to the Marktplaats seller. Imported from Japan – and thus right-hand drive – the 7-seater is mechanically absolutely perfect and rust-free. In the front of the mile-eater is a hefty 3.0-liter V6, which – if in a hurry – can hang on to the gas nicely thanks to a VTEC system.

Extra unique

The odometer on the 1998 Odyssey’s odometer reads 71,111 kilometers. The Honda came from the factory with a Prestige body kit. It rolls on 18-inch SSR Vienna rims imported from Japan. Another thing your neighbor’s car at the campground certainly won’t have: air suspension.


It fits seven people – the rear two seats even have separate climate control – but of course you can leave the rear row of seats at home. You can fold up the second row of seats, allowing you to pitch a small tent in the back – so to speak. We would just throw a mattress in the back, because thanks to two glass roofs, you can enjoy stargazing at night.

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