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Hyundai Inster: small EV with mature specifications! – AutoRAI TV

June 27, 2024

Introducing Hyundai Inster

Behold the Hyundai Inster, a compact EV from Hyundai designed specifically for the European market. The name Inster stands for “intimate” and “innovative,” if Hyundai is to be believed. The car comes in two flavors, as a Base and as an extra tough Cross with slightly different bumpers. The Cross comes a little later. There are also two engine options to choose from. Naturally, you are curious about all the specifications and features. Coming up!

Powertrains Hyundai Inster

There are two powertrains to choose from, which we’ll call Standard Range and Long Range for convenience.

Standard Range

Long Range

Rear view of the Hyundai INSTER

Heat pump optional

The version with 49 kWh battery gets an expected range of more than 350 kilometers, the smaller battery should be able to drive over 300 km. The battery features battery preheating (preconditioning) for faster charging times in colder climates. A heat pump optimizes energy consumption. That one will be optional.

Standard 3-phase 11 kW charger

DC fast charging from 10 to 80 percent is possible in 30 minutes, Hyundai promises. Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) allows 110V/220V to power other equipment outside the car. The car has an 11 kW on-board charger as standard.

Dimensions Hyundai Inster

The dimensions then of the Hyundai Inster. Its width is 1,610 mm and its height comes out to 1,575 mm (1,610 mm with roof rails). The length of the Base version is 3,825 mm. At 3,845 mm, the Cross is slightly longer. The wheelbase is 2,580 mm. For a small EV, that is exceptionally long. Even in the B-segment, this wheelbase would not be out of place. Luggage space comes out to 280 liters with four-seat configuration. Optionally, Hyundai provides a sliding rear seat (16 cm) that allows luggage space to range from 238 to 351 liters. The rear seat folds down at a ratio of 50/50, thus creating a flat cargo floor.

Side profile of the new Hyundai INSTER

What about the Casper?

The car closely resembles the Hyundai Casper that the South Korean automaker proposed in 2022, but the Inster is not 100% the same as the Casper. All exterior dimensions differ and the wheelbase is also considerably larger: 18 cm even! In fact, this Inster is on the K1 platform on which the current Picanto and i10 are also built, but with an extended wheelbase.

Design Hyundai Inster

The design of the Hyundai Inster then. The car has LED lighting all around, with typical Pixel lighting found on other Hyundai EVs. As standard, the model has 15-inch steel wheels with wheel covers. Depending on the trim, Hyundai provides 15-inch or 17-inch alloys.

Various colors

Hyundai chose natural colors, inspired by the natural colors of hanji paper. Explain. Hyundai’s Korean roots are reflected in the color palette, inspired by the natural hues of hanji paper. Traditionally, this special paper is made by hand from the inner bark of the native paper mulberry tree.

There is a choice of ten exterior colors, namely:

The colors are available in a two-one combination.

Interior of the Hyundai INSTER

Interior Hyundai Inster

The interior looks quiet, but is equipped with several modern gadgets. For example, the car comes standard with a 10.25-inch TFT Supervision Cluster and a 10.25-inch Navigation System. Even a wireless induction charger for smartphones has been considered. The Shift-by-wire transmission switch is behind the steering wheel, creating more space in center console. Hyundai Digital Key 2 Touch with NFC technology turns smartphone into car key. This system is standard.

Mood lighting

Also notable are the front seats in sofa design. They have illuminated storage and in the doors we detect four storage compartments. Ambient lighting with 64 colors is also present, as is a one-touch sunroof, a heatable steering wheel and automatic air conditioning. The finish of the door handles is customizable. Things like privacy glass and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (via USB connection) complete the party. Both the driver and passenger seats can be completely flat.

Four pixels on steering wheel

A fun fact: the four pixels side by side on the steering wheel – taken from the IONIQ 5 – represent the letter H in Morse code! In case you were wondering why on earth there are four dots on Hyundai’s steering wheel these days, that’s why. Optionally illuminated, these four pixel lights provide a welcome signal, change color when the car is reversing, for example, respond to voice commands and indicate the charging process.


The chair cover theme was inspired by the Pepita pattern – known from fashion giant Chanel. The overall color selection for the interior consists of khaki brown and beige surfaces, accented by soft yellow accents. In the headliner, Hyundai used a decorative pixel pattern to create excitement in an unexpected part of the vehicle.

Durable materials

The materials are also nice and durable. The seat cover and headliner are made of 100 percent and 85 percent recycled PET, respectively. Depending on the color, the carpet also contains different grades of recycled PET – from 70 to 100 percent. The upper door trim contains quantities of biopolypropylene material extracted from sugarcane. The exterior features black, high-gloss, environmentally friendly paint, replacing the carbon black pigment traditionally used in black paint with a pigment made from recycled tires.

Driving assistance systems Hyundai Inster

The Hyundai Inster has almost the same driver assistance systems you can also find in the Kona, IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6, and IONIQ 5 N. The driving assistance systems are bundled under the names Smart Sense and Parking Sense. Come they:

A light green Hyundai INSTER SUV with bizarre specifications is parked in a showroom with dark walls and vertical lighting fixtures.

Rear view of the Hyundai INSTER

Side profile of the new Hyundai INSTER

Front view of a Hyundai INSTER with round headlights, a black grille and a white license plate with the word

Close-up of the front of a car with the Hyundai INSTER logo, a round headlight and a series of illuminated yellow squares integrated into the black grille above it, with bizarre features.

A Hyundai INSTER car is parked in a dimly lit room with vertical LED lights on the walls. To the left of the car is a lamp stand that illuminates the front end. The car's headlights are on, showing off the bizarre specs that make it a standout EV powerhouse.

A compact, light green Hyundai SUV parked in a modern, poorly lit studio with vertical light strips on dark walls.

Close-up of the front end of a Hyundai EV price sticker, featuring a license plate reading

Front view of a light green Hyundai INSTER car parked inside, with the headlights and grille highlighted, and equipped with bizarre specifications that make it stand out.

Close-up of the front end of a Hyundai INSTER EV price sticker with round headlights, a black grille and a license plate that reads

Close-up of the front of a Hyundai INSTER with a sleek, light green hood and a row of illuminated orange lights at the edge, showing off the unique EV price point.

A modern light green Hyundai INSTER SUV is parked in a dimly lit garage with vertical lighting fixtures as seen from the left rear. The vehicle features distinctive LED taillights and a two-tone color scheme.

Rear view of a Hyundai car with the logo and model name

Close-up of a Hyundai INSTER with a front charging port opened, revealing a charger for electric vehicles. The license plate reads

Rear view of a light green Hyundai INSTER with a pixilated red brake light design, bearing the model name

A close-up of the taillight of a Hyundai INSTER featuring a unique design with horizontal LED bars surrounded by red light. The car's body is a pale yellow color, adding to its bizarre specifications.

Rear view of a light green Hyundai INSTER car, labeled

Interior of the Hyundai INSTER

A Hyundai car dashboard with a steering wheel, a digital instrument panel and an infotainment screen with several controls. The interior of the Hyundai INSTER comes in beige and black tones with multiple buttons and vents.

Inside view of a Hyundai INSTER with fully reclining rear seats, creating a flat cargo area that extends to the front seats and dashboard, perfect for those who appreciate unique and practical designs.

Inside view of the Hyundai INSTER SUV with beige leather seats and fold-down rear seats, with ample cargo space extending from the trunk to the front seats. At the front, a modern dashboard is visible, reflecting the appeal of the EV price point.

Inside view of a Hyundai INSTER SUV with the rear seats folded down, with expanded cargo space and beige leather upholstery.

Interior of a Hyundai INSTER showing the rear seats, one of which is partially folded down to create extra cargo space, and the front seats with the dashboard. This EV-priced model comes with outlandish specifications that combine functionality with advanced technology.

The interior of the Hyundai INSTER SUV with the rear seat folded down, providing ample cargo space.

Close-up of the Hyundai INSTER's dashboard featuring a touchscreen display with climate control settings, buttons and ambient lighting. This EV price point offers a modern interface combined with advanced technology.

Aerial view of the rear seat of the Hyundai INSTER EV, patterned with pied-de-poule fabric and a folding armrest with integrated cup holders.

A close-up of a Hyundai INSTER interior with a power outlet panel, featuring a standard AC outlet and an indicator light under the dash.

Inside view of a modern Hyundai INSTER with beige and black seats, a touchscreen display on the dashboard and ambient lighting. This EV price point offers both style and advanced technology for an enhanced driving experience.

Interior of a modern Hyundai INSTER featuring a steering wheel with controls, a digital dashboard display, a central touchscreen and illuminated accents on the door and dashboard.

A close-up of the interior of a Hyundai INSTER shows the steering wheel, digital instrument panel, dashboard and various control buttons.

The interior of the Hyundai INSTER, with the back seat colored beige with headrests and seat belts. There are no passengers.

Interior of a Hyundai EV-priced car showing a close-up of the beige and gray upholstery of the front seats, with a window and part of the back seat visible in the background.

Interior view of a Hyundai INSTER car door with a metal door handle, a yellow panel with two black screw caps, and a side mirror visible through the window.

Close-up of a car's outlet panel in a beige interior with a 12V-180W outlet, a USB port and a button, highlighting the Hyundai INSTER's bizarre specifications.

The interior of the Hyundai INSTER features beige, upholstered rear seats with a view of the front seats and car door. This modern design provides ample legroom and ensures comfort for all passengers.

Inside view of the rear seat of the Hyundai INSTER, featuring beige upholstery and a spacious, minimalist design with open doors on both sides.

Inside view of the rear seat of the Hyundai INSTER, with beige fabric upholstery, fold-down rear seat and minimalist door design.

Inside view of the rear seat of a Hyundai INSTER through the open rear door, with beige upholstery, a row of headrests and a simple, modern design. The EV price point offers surprising comfort and elegance without outlandish specifications.