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Humor: Volvo driver pretends his V70 is an EV with ‘charging rope’

November 22, 2022

Parking spaces scarce

Apparently parking spaces are scarce in Middelburg and the surrounding area, because the owner of this Volvo V70 thought it was a good idea to park his Swedish estate in a parking lot meant for plug-in hybrid and fully electric cars. With a green rope, the owner pretended his Volvo was charging. Enforcement was paying attention, though.

‘Super funny, here you have a fine’

Enforcement Middelburg: “We’ve seen a lot of things, but putting a piece of rope in your tank lid does charge poorly, you know.” Enforcement obviously sees the humor in it, but they did hand out a fine to the owner of this Volvo V70 2.4T. “This slightly unusual invention still earns the owner of this vehicle a disposition,” concluded Enforcement Middelburg.


Handing out the fine, by the way, is receiving some criticism on social media. One day it won’t. To this, the enforcement team responds, “Maybe this person has already received a compliment for this action, just might. We did not come up with the fact that these spots are front and center, we enforce the rules.”

Parking a Volvo V70 with a gasoline engine in an EV parking lot is simply not allowed.