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How and where can you pay with bitcoins in webshops?

June 9, 2022

Do you own bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, or are you considering starting with digital currencies? And do you wonder whether you can also pay online in webshops with bitcoins? That is a logical question, because bitcoin was originally developed as a means of payment. In addition, there are now many other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum , cardano and so-called meme coins . What can you do with bitcoin and the various cryptocurrencies? For example, could you also pay with bitcoins or another altcoin in a webshop or at a regular store? And what exactly happens when the bitcoin price falls? When you are thinking about actually doing something with your bitcoin, these are of course the things you want to know in advance. 

Where can you pay online with bitcoin?

Where can you pay with bitcoins, if you wish? Bitcoin is not yet legal tender in the Netherlands, but there are some webshops that accept crypto as payment. You can find a list of companies that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the Coinmap website. Here you will find locations such as restaurants and hotels, but also the branches of certain web shops where you can pay with bitcoins. They often use a provider of a system with which you can easily pay online with your crypto. 

How can you pay with bitcoin?

With bitcoin you pay without a bank, and the value of the coin is not checked by a central authority. So at one time your bitcoin is worth more, when you convert it into euros or dollars, than at another time.  You may be wondering: how do I pay with bitcoins? To pay with bitcoin, you must first be in possession of bitcoin. You buy bitcoin on a reliable exchange, a crypto exchange. From that moment on you immediately have a so-called “wallet”, which is actually a digital wallet. You can also withdraw your crypto from the exchange and arrange your own well-secured wallet. 

What do you have to do to make a payment with bitcoin?

To pay from your wallet you need a crypto address from the receiving party. This is a very long code, with which the transaction is carried out and the amount in bitcoin ends up at the correct recipient. Fortunately, you can also enter this code with a QR code. Depending on how busy it is on the network, your “transfer” will quickly reach the recipient. 

Is bitcoin the future as a means of payment?

It is not yet possible to say whether we will all pay with bitcoin in the future. It is possible that digital currencies will become increasingly important in the future. It is also conceivable that governments will create their own digital currency. Bitcoin may not yet be a major means of payment, but it certainly could become one in the future.