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Hongqi E-HS9: Chinese premium SUV is in demand!

December 10, 2022

From Chinese party promoters to the Dutch showroom: China’s Hongqi is taking the plunge. This is quite special, because not very long ago, Chinese could only buy a Hongqi by invitation. To illustrate, head of state Xi Jingping also lets himself be driven around in a Hongqi. Xi’s limo remains reserved for China; we get the electric SUV E-HS9.

Affordable opulence

At the Masters Expo, Hongqi has a pretty spacious booth where there is both a white and silver-gray example of the whopping 5.21-meter-long E-HS9. The white one in particular impresses. That, in fact, is a “President,” the most luxurious version Hongqi offers for the E-HS9. As President, the E-HS9 costs 103,590 euros. In absolute terms, of course, that’s a lot of money, but when you look at what you get in return, it’s actually not that bad. Seat massage, two individually electrically adjustable, heated and ventilated seats in the second row of seats and air suspension all round are just some of the long list of standard equipment for the President. You then also get everything right there, because apart from the paint colors, Hongqi does not do separate options.

Below that President are two other versions: the Business and Executive. The Business is the entry-level model and has seven seats, a battery with a capacity of 84 kWh, two electric motors with a system output of 436 hp and a range of 396 kilometers. As an Executive, the E-HS9 gets a 99-kWh battery, the electric motors produce 551 horsepower and it will travel 465 kilometers. The President has the same powertrain as the Executive.

Prices Hongqi E-HS9

As a Business, the E-HS9 has a starting price of 83,590 euros. By comparison, at BMW, the iX, which is nevertheless a size smaller than the Hongqi, is on the price list from over 85,000 euros. For the Executive you have to pay at least 94,590 euros, the President costs at least 103,590 euros. Fun fact: According to Hongqi, by far most buyers of an E-HS9 sign for the President. After all, if you have it wide, you should have it wide, right?

Then, of course, the key question is: Will Hongqi be a success in our country? If we are to believe the brand, yes, because at the Masters Expo there was quite a bit of interest in the E-HS9. Also, the order books are already starting to fill up nicely. The first lucky ones can take delivery of their E-HS9 as early as this month. We are very curious to see how often we will eventually encounter the mastodon on the streets!

Image: Stern Auto / Hongqi Netherlands