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HONDAFUNDER: if a normal Land Rover Defender is too expensive

February 20, 2023

Defender nose

The Honda N-Van did not have to undergo a major modification. The Honda’s front end looks very similar to that of the Defender by itself. Even the LED lighting with round LED rings has already been thought of by Honda. On the hood, simply apply Dafunder and you’re done.

Other features

Some other 14-inch steel wheels, a colored box at the C-pillar and an elevator kit to raise the suspension by 25 mm provide the proverbial icing on the cake. The power source has not been tinkered with. That means this Japanese kei-car boasts a 660cc three-cylinder gasoline engine with 64 horsepower. So you have to add the super powerful peekaa’s of a normal Defender to this Dafunder. By the way, there is a choice of front- or all-wheel drive with this Honda.

Cost Parts Hondafunder

What all that should cost? The Defender style front bumper will cost you $519, the rear bumper costs $222 and for the elevator kit you will pay $282. The 14-inch steel wheels cost $415. ESB Style also provides an interior upgrade with special seat covers ($371). Honda and Land Rover, by the way, have nice histories together. The first Honda Crossroad (1993-1998) was a rebadged Land Rover Discovery Series I (1989-1998).