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Honda SUSTAINA-C Concept is cool electric compact hatchback

April 16, 2024

Honda SUSTAINA-C Concept: from red to white

The Honda SUSTAINA-C Concept was first shown at the 2024 Japan Mobility Show.
Back then, the model had a red color.
The SUSTAINA-C Concept on display during Milan Design Week features a black and white marble effect, achieved by mixing colors with different melting points in the panels as they are molded, leaving a marbling as the material settles into the mold.

Recycled acrylic resin

The panels of this particular Honda are manufactured using recycled acrylic resin sourced from used taillights to create exterior panels that do not require painting, allowing Honda to create a unique, unpainted finish that would not be possible with traditional materials.
This materials approach could reduce emissions during production by as much as 45 percent – partly through the recycled materials used, but also by leaving the panels unpainted.
A car factory’s paint shop is always particularly harmful in terms of CO2 emissions.
So not painting a car yields great gains.

The vehicle panels are not only crack resistant, they can also return to their original shape after minor impacts, but also offer a high degree of weather resistance with minimal sunlight degradation.

Honda SUSTAINA-C Concept
Honda SUSTAINA-C Concept

Rear display

At the rear, the excellent transparency of the acrylic resin has allowed the tailgate of the SUSTAINA-C Concept to be formed from a single panel that acts as a smartphone screen.
The mini-LED display is designed to communicate with other road users via simple text or images, providing a potential new dimension for the exterior design of future vehicles.
Finally, the acrylic resin used demonstrates a possible approach for future resource circulation.

Kento Ishii, spokesperson for the SUSTAINA-C, says, “The SUSTAINA-C is proof of the possibilities available when we think more sustainably. This applies not only to the panels themselves, but also to the elements that are not visible from the outside. Whether it’s sourcing more environmentally friendly steel for the chassis or recycled materials for the interior, there are so many ways we can start making a difference in the way we produce vehicles. And none of this has to come at the expense of how our products look – using new materials to create a unique aesthetic and deliver greater value for our customers.”

Honda SUSTAINA-C Concept

Honda Sustaina-C Concept