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Honda Civic temporarily out of order, what’s the reason?

July 25, 2023

Honda Civic hit the mark

The new-generation Honda Civic is a hit. In fact, as an e:HEV hybrid, it is one of our favorites in the C-segment. And then there is the superlative: the new generation Civic Type R, which is also widely praised for its performance. However, the popularity of the Civic has caused problems, according to a tour of several Honda dealers.

Supply problems

Actually, the Honda dealers all tell the same story. Honda has delivery problems for the new-generation Civic. A lack of parts is causing order books to be closed in certain countries, including the Benelux. Logically, although a lot of work is being done to find a solution, it is still expected to take up to about four months.

Honda Civic Type R 2023

Too many cars sold

Many more Civics were sold proportionally than Honda expected. Parts are also hard to come by, so sales on the Civic e:HEV and Civic Type R have temporarily stopped. Order books have reopened in some European countries, but not in the Benelux. That’s because several copies are still on back-order. So Honda has to catch up first.

Longer delivery time

Once the order books reopen – probably by the end of 2023 – customers should still expect a longer delivery time, which could be around 12 months. Of course, the Civic e:HEV in particular is the volume model in the Benelux. That’s because the Type R trim is quite pricey. Honda is asking as much as 78,980 euros in the Netherlands for the Type R. With some options, that price runs toward 85 grand. Then the Civic e:HEV is a bit cheaper with a starting price of about 37,000 euros.

Luxury problem

So, in fact, Honda has a luxury problem. The new generation Civic is a resounding success. Curious about our review of the Honda Civic e:HEV? Read it here or watch the video below.