Hiker finds completely stripped Mercedes-Benz in the forest

April 20, 2022

stripped car

Forest ranger Erik de Jonge of Brabants Landschap received a remarkable phone call on Tuesday morning: ‘Here is a car wreck in a remote forest path. Is that right?’. The forester immediately went to investigate and not much later found the remains of a Mercedes-Benz A-Class near the municipal border with Bergen op Zoom. The car was stripped of all expensive parts.

Parts Thieves

The police suspect that the stripped car is the work of parts thieves. Criminals often sell the car parts easily and anonymously via the internet. A set of tires with rims can quickly yield several thousand euros. The Mercedes-Benz has a Luxembourg registration, but the car is not reported as stolen. Chances are, the owner didn’t even know his car was gone.

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The thieves proceeded skillfully. They parked the car in the middle of a forest path and then completely stripped it. The wheels, doors, hood, bumpers, on-board computer and steering wheel have been disassembled and taken along. According to the forester, the thieves knew exactly what they were doing and hardly any traces have been left behind. ”No bruises, but professionals. All screws are undamaged. The whole thing was mechanically disassembled, no screwdriver was used. I can estimate that based on a garage that I often watch,” says forester Erik de Jonge against the AD.