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Here’s what’s involved in metalworking for cars 

February 19, 2024

Metalworking for the production of cars and other vehicles involves an awful lot. It is not the first thing thought of by car enthusiasts. What do you already know about this? In this article, we zoom in further on the different steps involved in this process by metalworkers. In fact, this includes the process of converting the raw materials, the metals, into usable products for the actual realization of a car in the factory.

In recent years, the metal sector has developed significantly. Automation and digitization are the order of the day in this regard. Thus, placing an order for metal components laser cutting online has become quite normal for parties within the industry. It saves them, as well as providers, an awful lot of time. An order can be passed directly to large machines on the floor, which run day and night. This greatly reduces the dependence on human intervention, which improves the speed of production and the margin of error.

Different processes around metalworking for cars 

Metalworking for automotive production involves several processes. Consider machining processes, of which the already introduced laser cutting is an example. There are also non-machining processes. You can think of edging, which, simply put, can also be described as bending metals. A third process involved in metalworking for automobile production is joining processes. A good example is metal welding. 

The combination of these processes allows loose materials to be converted into a finished product, used in the automotive industry. Incidentally, this does not necessarily involve going through all the processes. This depends on the type of component from a car. There are different types of materials used. Consider steel, stainless steel and aluminum, for example.

Customized metal components 

Metalworking of materials for automobile production is outsourced by many manufacturers to outside parties. These outside parties provide the necessary custom components. Thus, they can be used directly in the production process. As mentioned earlier, the delivery of these components is increasingly rapid, due to automation and digitization in this industry. Manufacturers provide a design online, where one can directly indicate the operations to be performed. Material selection is also part of the ordering process. Based on the car manufacturer’s specific requirements, a metal machining supplier can offer a customized quote.