Here’s what to keep in mind when taking out car insurance

April 25, 2022

To drive a car, you not only need your driver’s license, but also good car insurance so that you can drive carefree. It is important to find suitable insurance for your car as it can save you quite a bit of money and provide a suitable service. That is why we have listed the most important things for you here that you should pay attention to when choosing the right car insurance.

Compare the premium

You can compare the premium for the coverage you need with different insurers. This premium that you ultimately pay depends on several factors. These are, for example, the number of kilometers you drive annually, the number of claim-free years you have built up and the age of your car. In this way, the car insurance is tailored to your personal situation, but also to your own preferences. Do you want more coverage or even additional coverage? The premium will then increase automatically.

Different types of coverage

As soon as you are ready to take out car insurance, you can see which cover best suits your situation. In the Netherlands, every motorist is legally obliged to insure the car at least WA. You can choose from the following options:

First read the policy conditions of your insurer to know exactly what is covered for your car and be well informed when you take out car insurance.