Heat tip: with this tip you cool the interior of your car in seconds

August 15, 2022

Heat Wave

There seems to be no end to the heat this summer. Sometimes you look forward to getting into your car because the highly heated air almost singes your eyebrows off your head. The temperature in a car that is full in the sun at an outside temperature of 30 degrees rises to 50 degrees within half an hour. With outside temperatures of around 40 degrees – which is also common in the Netherlands these days – it can even get 75 degrees or hotter inside your car.

You can then get in, quickly open the windows and turn on the air conditioning, but you’ll still be in extreme temperatures for a few minutes that a human being is not made for. We’ve found a tip that will help you cool down a red-hot car much faster.

‘Wap’ the heat out of your car

It’s a strange but useful tip that seems to come from China. On extremely hot days, they “blow” the scorching hot air out of a car in China before getting in. It works like this: you leave all the doors of the car closed and only open the driver’s side window. Another window is also possible, of course, as long as all doors and windows are closed except for one. Then you walk to the other side of the car and swing the door open and closed several times. Five to ten times should be sufficient.

This way you “push” the warm air out of the car through the window and “suck” cooler air in from outside. For example, a car quickly cools by ten to thirty degrees in just a few seconds. The interior temperature in the car will then be as warm as the exterior temperature. So still warm, but the extremely heated air is then out of the car before you start driving.

Strange face

It may look a little strange, waving your door in the parking lot of the local supermarket, but you no longer have to gasp when you get in. The air conditioner then also has to work less hard to provide a comfortable temperature. It’s also very sustainable, this flapping. In the video below you can see how it works:

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