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Hailstorm writes off Tesla in minutes

August 25, 2022


Hailstones the size of tennis balls and full-sized oranges. Jessica Painter would know how to handle it. But when terminal velocity with it, such ice balls become a kind of anti-tank weapons. Effortlessly they drill their way through almost anything. Without any form of armor, a car offers absolutely no protection against such a crude force of nature. Fortunately, the Tesla driver can recount it and even managed to film the bizarre incident (after all, what insurance company is going to believe you otherwise), but his Model 3 was ripe for scrapping afterwards.

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Baking Poffertjes

The windshield and panoramic glass roof are completely shattered, but still largely intact to provide shelter and protection for the rider from worse suffering. That the bizarre hailstorm should not have lasted much longer proves the ruined roof, which is on the verge of collapse. Water is already caving in here and there to the interior. Fortunately, the final blow did not occur.

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Poffertjes pan

The exterior came off a lot poorer. The destroyed hailstorm took only ten minutes to demolish the headlight units, wing mirrors and turn signals and make corrugated metal out of the body. A thankless role as an all-purpose pancake stand is really all that’s left for the battered Tesla.

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