German parliament approves sharp reduction in excise duty – gasoline significantly cheaper from June 1

May 20, 2022

Energy Crisis

More and more European countries are coming up with measures to combat the energy crisis. In our country, for example, the excise tax on fuel went down on April 1, by 17 cents on gasoline and 11 cents on diesel. Consumers now notice very little of this, as the national recommended price for a liter of Euro 95 stands at 2.36 euros. The Netherlands still has the most expensive gasoline in the world. In Germany, the government is coming closer to the people.

Gasoline price Germany

In Germany, in fact, there will be a pretty hefty reduction in the excise tax on gasoline and diesel starting June 1. Gasoline will be 30 cents cheaper and the excise tax on diesel will go down by 14 cents. Despite the reduction in excise duty in the Netherlands, fuel prices in Germany were still significantly lower than in our country. So from June 1, it totally pays to cross the border for a visit to a German gas station. At the time of writing (May 20), in Germany you pay €2.08 for a liter of Euro 95 (E10) and 2.16 for Euro 98 (E5). So from June 1, 30 cents will be deducted from that.

Three months

The excise tax cut in the Netherlands lasts until the end of the year, but in Germany fuel is only cheaper for three months. The German parliament has allocated 15 billion euros for the package of measures. In addition to the excise tax cut, German citizens will also receive additional one-time benefits. Taxpayers will receive a reimbursement of 300 euros and people on welfare will have 100 euros deposited into their account. The child benefit goes up by 100 euros once and traveling on public transport is cheaper from June through August. On Friday, the German Senate and Federal Council will vote on the measures.

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